Nutrimeal™ – Wild Strawberry

The Nutrimeal™ is a balanced meal replacement shake mix that is formulated to provide a healthy ratio of quality carbs, proteins and beneficial fats to help maintain optimal health and ideal weight. The low glycemic formula is designed to deliver sustained energy and control hunger. Nutrimeal is specifically formulated without gluten. Available in three flavors: Dutch Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, French Vanilla.

Who to share with
• People whose lifestyle is fast-paced and very active
• People who desire to achieve and maintain their ideal weight

Why USANA’s Nutrimeal™
• Nutrimeal™ is a low glycemic meal with an index score of 23
• Gluten free and is a complete GMO free protein meal
• Provides 15g of protein, 8g of dietary fiber, and low in saturated fat
• Provides sustained energy and greater satiety throughout the day

How to use
For a rich and creamy shake, combine three(3) scoops with 10-12 ounces of cold water to taste, and thoroughly mix in a blender or blender bottle for 45sec.



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